Located in Seattle's developing Miller/Madison neighborhood, this project is a substantial mixed-use development incorporating retail and residential spaces. There is a ground level full service grocery store with retail space located along Madison Street, below grade parking, and two residential apartment towers on top of the grocery store lid. The ground level grocery store and retail space are clad in brick. Canopies and storefronts are used to enhance the pedestrian experience. The residential buildings are articulated with bay windows, changing cornice lines, and metal TWISTARCHITECTURE
railings to contrast the lower level retail and address the surrounding residential neighborhood. Extensive podium and roof top landscaping enrich the residential living experience. Residential amenities are enhanced with the rooftop view decks and extensively landscaped podium located between the two buildings.
Seattle, Washington
Retail - 55,000 SF
Residential - 230,000 SF
Apartment units - 242
Below grade stalls - 433
*Project completed while at Sienna