A development company came to TWIST with this difficult site because of our expertise in planning and use of 3D modeling in the feasibility phase. TWIST uses a variety of techniques to evaluate sites and building programs in the feasibility phase, but the one that stands out is the 3D modeling. With the use of 3D modeling in the early phases of a project TWIST feels that their clients can make better and more informed business decisions.
With the natural sloping topography of the site and the building program to parking requirements led TWIST to two site plans. One TWISTARCHITECTURE
study featured a single 2-story 80,000 square foot building with one level of below grade parking and the second study featured two 2-story 40,000 square foot buildings with one level of below grade parking and a pedestrian plaza. The feasibility studies are still being used to market the site to potential tenants.
Site - 4.62 acres
Medical Office -1111 80,000 SF
Below grade garage - 76,880 SF
Parking provided - 400