Nordstrom is in a bright spot for retail in their recovery from the recession, and as their sales continue to grow, the need for office space that supports their operations and growth also increases. In late 2011 they selected the Bell Plaza Building in downtown Seattle to house more of their growing office staff. TWIST was selected to provide full design services for this project and immediately began working with the Nordstrom Office Planning group to identify groups to move in the building, provide test fits, TWISTARCHITECTURE
create standards for the building that meshed with Nordstrom Corporate standards, and to identify issues that would impact budget and schedule. The project evolved to include an evaluation of Nordstrom space and furniture standards and will introduce significant changes to both as it comes on-line.  A focus on creating a space that better reflects the Nordstrom brand and attracting and retaining staff were primary focuses for this new design.
Seattle, Washington
Tenant Improvement - 275,000 SF
Floors - 14 1/2
Staff - 1,400